Products may leave a residue in the area in which they are used. It is the users responsibility to ensure all of our products are used with caution. To avoid risk of falls, rinse tub and/or shower regularly. All products are for external use only and should be placed out of reach from children to avoid accidental ingestion. Essential oils, fragrance oils and flavour oils are used in our products. All ingredient information is listed online. Please refer to a/your physician for questions regarding allergy concerns and with any concerns related to the use of essential oils, fragrance oils and flavour oils. Products may have had contact with coconut oils an/or nuts. Please use with caution and discontinue use if any rash or irritation occur.  
Bath bombs must be used in the appropriate amount of water to avoid any skin irritations. For example, a 6oz mega bomb should not be used in a child's bath, as the amount of water would not be sufficient for a proper dilution rate of the essential/fragrance oils.
Shower Steamers are for use in showers only and should not be used as a bath bomb. The dilution rate of the essential oils is lower and they contain a greater amount of essential oils. If used as a bath bomb, it could lead to skin irritations.
If you are unsure of any allergies or irritations to any products, please consult a physician prior to any use. Please contact us if you have any questions.